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Archway Framing
Featured Artist

Jim Smith

Artwork on display October 15th, 2011 - November 11, 2011

Its tough being a Renaissance man when that time and era is long gone; ...when being smarter than a fifth grader is something to be proud of and televised.

One of the hallmarks to a Renaissance man is a passion for knowledge in many areas. Smith's passions run deep and many.  In the area of making art he is a designer, photographer, teacher and sculptor. In just the area of sculpture alone he ventures into different mediums and approaches that most artists would find to be polarizing. Smith sculptures run the gamut from Guerrilla street art to sacred sculptures for churches, and everything in between.  On his website there are examples of his installations that have been seen locally in and out of galleries and museums.

Another characteristic of a Renaissance man is an energy level that borders on manic. Mr. Smith continues to work on art projects such as large welded sculptures and other Steampunk. In Smith’s website artists statement he writes that he thinks of himself as a poet who links objects together rather than words to make his poems.

If this is true you will have the opportunity to read a great deal of poetry in the assemblages that he has recently created in the Steampunk style. If by the time you read this, you find that he has moved on to whole new  dimension of sculpture do not be surprised, for another characteristic of a renaissance man is having a restless mind and being bored quickly with what one has recently done.

The Archway Gallery Show

See the art of Jim Smith, whom Folio Weekly call "The Degas of Steampunk"

Most steampunk artwork has a fantastic and often surreal appearance about them. In my assemblages what I attempt to do is make my viewers believe what they are seeing is true and real, not make believe. These are not toys, contraptions or Whirligigs made to be whimsical.  They are prototypes devices spawned from the passion and obsession of creative minds. These assemblages have the appearance of devices that harking back to a time gone by. In them there is a sense of romance, danger, and a feeling that these prototypes may have been the most important thing to the inventor’s life, often well known to history.

These devices seem ready to glow, buzz, and hum into life at the turn of a knob or switch.